Nader is a photographer, videographer Nader is a photographer, videographer and documentary film director born in 1984, based in Egypt/USA. but he's available for any worldwide assignment, His postgraduate thesis focuses on the difference between the image in theater versus video art. Nader has acquired 85 international awards since he started his art career in 2010. Many of his photographs have been exhibited and published in highly prestigious venues including the National Geographic website & Great Big Story channel. Nader’s photographs are known for expressing intimacy with his subjects as well as spontaneity. They have a dynamic quality that gives the impression that they are film scenes.



• Achieved 81 photography awards.

• 60 International awards.

• 21 Egyptian Local awards.

• The only Arab photographer who has 19 published photos on Nat Geo.

• Achieved the A-FIAP Distinction from the International Federation of Photography Art, France 2014.

• Shortlisted in Sony photography award, Professional category, daily life theme UK 2017.

• The second position in Sony nation award, UK 2016 and shortlisted in Art theme during the same year, best 50 photos in low light and panorama themes for 2012.

• Won the Arab photographer title for El Sharjah contest, UAE for 2014 and 2015.

• Awarded the first prize in people and planet prize, Australia 2013.

• Two honorable mentions in CIPEA contest, Documentary theme, China 2017, and 2018.

• Honourable mention in Siena photography award 2018 for storytelling theme, Italy.

• My photos was published in Geo magazine Germany ,Geo Spain for November issue 2017,Nat Geo Abu Dhabi for January issue 2016 and Avaunt magazine UK issue 07- 2018.

• Photo editor for Everyday Everywhere Instagram page.

• Photo editor for Everyday Egypt Instagram page.

• Photography instructor and lecturer in Viewfinders photography club and Adasa photography club in Alexandria.

• Participated in more than 90 photography exhibition.

• Short documentary film (The forgotten) was accepted in Museum Arnhem Short Film Festival, June 2020, Netherlands.

• Short documentary film (The forgotten) was accepted in Alexandria Short Film Festival, April 2018, Egypt.

• Short documentary film (The forgotten) was accepted in Bamako Encounters Biennial Festival, November 2019, Mali.

• Short documentary film (The forgotten) was shortlisted in Siena Short Film Festival, September 2019, Italy.

• Seven awards from live photo Dubai contest, UAE 2017.

• The third position in Chefchaouen photography festival 2016

• The documentary and performance awards in HPA contest, Production & Commerce theme for 2015, 2016 and 2017, China.

• Awarded the second position in Jordan photography festival 2014.

• Honourable mention for urban photography contest, UK 2013.

• The best of documentary a look at 2017 on VSCO.

• Finalist in Smithsonian Magazine contest, US 2018, that year Smithsonian received 48,000 submissions from photographers in 155 countries and territories.

• The golden FIAP medal in the Eighth International Emirates Photography Competition (EPC) 2013, Decisive moment theme, photojournalism division.

• My portfolios has featured twice on Behance website.

• Acted as photography contests judge during three international photography contests and two local Egyptian photography contests.

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